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Managing Director

Hi, I'm Dafydd. Founder of Kinect Social Media.

I have worked in Sales and Marketing for 12 years both in the UK and Australia.

My experience has taught me that delegating workload to specialised personnel can significantly streamline processes, saving valuable time whilst still getting great results.

Some time ago I started playing around with the idea of an online shop, I really enjoyed the graphic design element and building the website but not so much the retail industry.

One day my partner, who is a personal trainer asked me for help with her marketing and website. I started to get fantastic feedback on my work and her business/brand was growing quickly. I started to enhance my skills and learn new techniques to use on her social media.

I then decided to reach out to a few businesses, telling them what I had been doing and how I can help them. The response I received was amazing and I soon started making content and managing social media accounts for numerous businesses.

I realised that this was not only a convenience for my clients but my help was also building their brand and driving sales through professionalism, marketing and consistency.

I started out as 'The Social Media Man' but soon realised that I could not take on all of the workload myself so I started contracting tasks to specialised personnel and it became more of a team effort. This prompted me to use my newly found rebranding skills to create Kinect Social Media.

So here we are, a dedicated, professional and efficient team ready to help you and your business.

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